The Strategy-Train Project

The Strategy-Train project developed a learning programme on enterprise strategy and strategic management for decision-makers in small enterprises. The programme bases on a combined learning model, curriculum and (e-)learning content, which is flexible enough to address the specific needs of small enterprises (i.e. is flexible in terms of time and place), is adoptable and modular (i.e. addressing employees' different backgrounds, sectors, etc.) and reflects the practical needs of the decision-makers. Therefore, a blended learning approach has been applied, containing on-line and face-to-face elements.

Strategy-Train focuses on managers / decision-makers of small enterprises (< 50 employees), regardless of the sector to which they belong. Small companies, regardless of sector and level of strategic planning, and who wish to receive training on strategic planning, will be addressed by the project team.

  • Primary target group: Managers / owners / decision-makers of small sized enterprises
  • Secondary target group: Trainers, tutors, coaches, consultants

More information about the project: http://st.merig.eu/strategy/en/index.htm


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