1.1.2 Why should I adopt a general Policy in my Company?

The main role of a general policy in a company is to express the vision of entrepreneurs or the management, so that all employees will work towards the same goal. The main aims of a general policy should be (Müller-Stewens & Lechner, 2005):

  • Clarity and direction of the employees
  • Creation of awareness with regards to problems faced and encouraging the development of solutions
  • Helping to achieve higher engagement and continuity amongst employees
  • Facilitating communication and coordination amongst all company departments
  • Provision of an identity for the company
  • To serve the company as a clear set of guidelines on business activity.

A vision supports your company in different ways:

  • A vision creates hope and mobilizes strengths of the employees.
  • It creates positive energy
  • A vision facilitates the achievement of managerial objectives.
  • Lastly, a vision supports the sustainability of your company.

A mission, on the other hand, helps you find your own direction in the business environment, while reflecting the values and beliefs of a group, it acts as a source of inspiration, as it is action orientated and, most importantly, realistic.
Normally such concepts are not only directed at company staff, but also at the general public. Therefore it serves as an important tool for the image of the company.

Please take some time to think what you have done in your company, in terms of adopting a general policy. Have you ever adopted a general policy in your company? If yes, then what were your employee´s reactions?

A general policy should be created and adopted in almost every company. It should not only express the views of the management and business owners, but it must also be welcomed and adopted by every employee within a company. General policy should exist in written form, but what´s most important is that everyone is aware of it at all times.