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  3.4.4 How do X-, Y- and Z-Leaders perceive their W... 81%

... identified two major perspectives held by managers: Theory X and Theory Y. Generally speaking theory X is the assumption that employees are lazy, dislike ... and must be coerced to perform well. On the contrary, theory Y is the assumption that employees like their work, ... grouped Maslow´s hierarchy into "lower order" needs (

  References of Unit 3 73%

... Gosling, J, (Et al). (2003). A Review Of Leadership Theory And Competency Frameworks. Centre for Leadership ... . Jeremiah, Robert. (2009). Impact Of Mc Gregor's Theory X And Theory Y On Contemporary Management Practice. Methodist ... FH JOANNEUM: Graz. Sleigh J. (2007). Game theory ? theory X or

  3.4.3 Where can McGregor´s Leadership Theories be ... 71%

... In the area of management there is an important concept of leadership, namely the X-Y- and Z-theory of leadership by McGregor. McGregor believed "that leadership strategies are influenced by a ... assumptions made by managers in industry". (Bolden & Gosling 2003) Managers that believe in theory-X have an authoritarian leadership style. He/she is goal-orientated, but not employee-orientated, because employees are seen as means to an end. Y-

  3.4.5 Example 70%

... his master thesis on obstacles in the foundation of young businesses. Regarding his leadership style, it can be interpreted mainly as McGregors theory Y type, but it has also incorporated some traits of theory Z. As a consequence, the employees of the company are dedicated to their jobs and many of the tasks are executed independently by the employees ...

  3.4.6 Summary 68%

... can motivate his/her colleagues, then they can all move towards the same direction and speak the same language. It does not really matter which theory of leadership or motivation will be applied, since no single theory is perfectly applicable to an organization. The most important issue is to understand the organizational culture and environment of the ...

  3.4 Leadership 66%

... the box in order to get things done, through leadership, managers affect the behavior of people in the business. Douglas McGregor?s "X-Y theory" provided a fundamental distinction between management styles and has become the basis for further development of the subject of leadership. ...

  Summary of Unit 8 60%

... a future? We have found that, in order to move forward as a company and business we have to practically implement the things we have learned on theory and in practice. We have to be capable of screening working ideas even when the direct benefits of their implementation do not come ...

  Implementation of Strategy 59%

... to produce a better business performance. Now that the SME's know their businesses, and the strategies required for success they translate the theory into action plans that will enable the strategy to be successfully implemented and sustained. The unit will demonstrate methods for effective ...

  Summary of Unit 3 59%

... and leadership were presented , as well as ways to motivate your employees. Lastly you were presented with the main principles of the X-Y-Z theory of leadership. ©2009 Strategy-Train. All rights reserved.

  10.5.1 What is Business Process Reengineering? 58%

... is Business Process Reengineering? 10.5.1 What is Business Process Reengineering? In the early 1900´s Henri Fayol, the "father" of management theory, originated the concept of engineering: " To conduct the undertaking toward its objectives by seeking to derive optimum advantage from all ...