9.6.4 How Change can be accepted on all Levels

In order for change to be understood, accepted and supported by everybody, a culture of change has to be built.

There are several requirements to form a successful culture:

1. Assess company culture in terms of change at the present moment. Spare some time to ask questions, but listen to the answers and be open to them:

  • Do employees understand the difference they make at work every day?
  • Are there strong relationships between employees and management?
  • Is there an environment of openness and trust?
  • Is there an understanding of mission, purpose, beliefs, and business goals?
  • Do we have an environment of learning, growth, and empowerment? etc.

2. The culture of change management starts "from the top". Mahatma Gandhi has said: "You must be the change you want to see in the world." The results will reflect your own attitude to change. You´ll see acceptance and willingness to participate if you show a positive attitude. Show people the expected positive effects and how your team will benefit from the change.

3. Start talking to people about change before it has happened, and even better - before you have made the final decision. There will be a lot of mixed emotions. You have to show positivity and truly listen to people; separate emotion from the questions. You might not be able to answer all questions immediately, but answer them. This is important because it will allow you to:

  • Be aware of worker´s worries and fears and take them into consideration;
  • Use some innovative ideas in the process of change that might occur;
  • Win over workers for the change;
  • Put an end to rumours before they get out of control.

4. Give your workers the necessary tools for successful change management: training, technology, equipment and management support in overcoming barriers. Changes bring new relationships and measures should be taken to remove obstacles.

5. Stir up a feeling of community. This creates a positive attitude towards change.

6. Workers deal with changes in different ways. Be prepared to deal with this.

7.Track change progress to achieve better results. Encourage and give prizes to the employees showing progress. Communicate with people using all possible channe

Change management manager check lists:

EXERCISE: Fill in the change management manager check lists to find out are you ready to implement changes in your company.