9.5.3 How the Business should behave in a Crisis

There are several basic principles of company behaviour during a crisis:

  • Focus on the main company business.
  • Optimise company expenses.
  • Transfer some administrative and supporting activities outside of the company.
  • Team optimisation and staff redeployment.
  • Work with loyal partners offering high-quality services.

Think about other measures that will relieve the pressure of a crisis and help the company survive:

  • Freeze investment in projects and review development programs.
  • Concentrate on key customers and improving service.
  • Organizational restructuring.
  • Increasing performance.
  • Reorganizing positions, introduction of flexible working time.
  • Combining positions, training of employees to do new duties.
  • Maintaining and motivating the key professionals, creating groups of employees supporting change, internal company communications and building a culture of involvement.