9.1.3 Where the Strategy Implementation takes Place?

Strategy implementation is a process involving all team members within the company and team work is exceptionally important. The manager has to have good communication and managerial skills, as well as financial expertise to be able to network among the team members, suppliers, subcontractors and customers on a day-to-day basis. At the same time he has to follow the strategic goals and meet deadlines and budget restrictions as well as considering the motivation, skills and competence of the whole team. Team members should know their responsibilities; their commitment is of great importance.

Strategy implementation often leads to ideas for new projects. This proves that the company is flexible and implements its strategy according to the changing conditions. Clear measurement of indicators, tied to the execution of strategic goals, control and assessment of results (see unit 10) allow for better comparison of results. If they are reliable and precise, corrective actions might be undertaken.