8.2.1 What are they for the Business Development?

To design new idea or new approach of doing things as rule requires a lot of resources. And to do that any one owner or manager should take a decision about this. Of course it is out of doubt that each decision to implement or not new idea or to make change is a risky and brings both benefits and costs.

Annually, many companies develop positive convictions but hardly go into details of developing a realizable implementation plan. Change requires a lot of practical tactics to avoid the resistance that comes from various stakeholders. However, to successfully initiate change in any business, you need to involve all the stakeholders and win their confidence that whatever will be implemented will benefit the whole organization. Remember that the results achieved of the intended change are much more important than the methods.

Some benefits are monetary benefits, such as the euro amount of cash inflows from additional sales of a product or the saving in cash outflows that a strategy enables. Other benefits are important but harder to quantify. For example, it may increase customer satisfaction; increased customer satisfaction may increase future sales, but the exact relationship between sales and satisfaction is often hard to specify.