3.2.4 Case Study

X-treme ltd.1 implemented several analysis methods in relation to their internal environment. One of these methods - the Balanced Scorecard for X-treme ltd - is presented. Based on the strategy and the strategic objectives described in Chapter 2.3.5 further objectives were derived from the perspective of finances, customers, business process and learning and development. X-treme ltd. has focussed on just a few objectives and key figures to guarantee an efficient company.

Financial Perspective

Figure 9: Balanced scorecard: financial perspective

Customer perspective

Figure 10: Balanced scorecard: customer perspective.

Business processes

Figure 11: Balanced scorecard: Business process perspective.

Learning and Development

Figure 12: Balanced scorecard: learning and development perspective.

1 The case is taken from Schmalzer, Schweiger, Wenzel (2008)