This subsection presents different methods to help you analyse the internal environment of your company. You do not need to include all of them, but each of them is helpful in providing a detailed picture of your company.

Benchmarking helps you learn from other companies or organisations.

SWOT deals with strengths and weaknesses of your company as well as with opportunities and threats posed by the external environment and it analyses the internal processes of company as well as external factors.

The Balanced Scorecard allows managers to have a wider overview of an organization since it contains financial and non-financial measurements in a single report.

The cost-benefit analysis considers and quantifies future benefits that are not only of a monetary character. It is a rather strong method which can deduce the value of investment alternatives.

A break-even analysis is a mathematical method to determine the quantity of production and sale that is necessary to gain profits. All of these methods have their advantages and are described briefly.